How I Work

My Process

Through my coursework at Syracuse, I've been tasked with not only designing and working off of a given brief, but also with ideating and creating my own from scratch. This has given me the unique ability to think both like a designer and a client considering the process from top to bottom.

This has greatly influenced the structure of my strategic design development process. I start first with a problem, and use this to find and an opportunity to fill a gap in the market or contribute a solution.

NALA wireframes-03.jpg

I then dive deeper into that problem

through research and analysis, tapping into

all applicable channels such as social media, news and current events, and competitive brands/companies. 

Then I dive into the rough drafts, letting pen meet paper as I bring an idea to life, exploring every potential avenue. Finally, the execution begins! Once the project is in a good place I source feedback and am agile and flexible to address it. And if I'm lucky enough, I get to do it all over again the next day!

Nala app mockup 1.jpg
NALA wireframes.jpg
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