"You'll never work alone"

My Role

Web Design | Concept Creation & Solution | Market & Audience Research | UX/UI Research & Design | Naming | Logo Design | Web Design | Branding | Copywriting

Craving community

in a virtual workspace

The digital world is allowing space for so many to join the workforce, but while running our lives through screens comes with this benefit and so many more, we also face significant challenges connecting with our peers and colleagues. Remote teams are lacking community and have cultural barriers to overcome, which leads to difficulty managing accountability and productivity, and may result

in low retention rates.

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Download collaboration and connection for

the digital era

What do you really need to be productive, connected, and content working in a virtual world? Boost: an online community and time management space where you can be efficient and collaborative. Boost focuses on what you need to build a positive work environment with clear social focuses and productivity boundaries that set the stage for your ideal work day.

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Where I Come In:

Designing the dream digital experience so our Boost community will never work alone!