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It's 2022, and it's a woman's world – so why aren't we living like it? 

Women have a 28-day hormone cycle, and men? They have a 24-hour cycle! But so many of our work habits, diets, and workouts revolve around what works for our male counterparts. It's time for a change. Women are out of sync with their cycle; take back your period power with Nala.


Knowledge is power – and with Nala, you can embrace your inner power and live your best life. Avoid burnouts, hormonal imbalances, and painful periods by learning about the four-cycle stages and living by your needs at each time, adjusting your food and workouts to match each stage. Your period is your superpower – so turn it into a bonus, not a burden. Making periods cool again with a user-friendly interface and ultra-inclusive design!

Design & Concept: Michaela Reis

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